Yes. We also test every ingredient when it arrives at our facility for the presence of gluten as an added measure of safety for our consumers.

Yes. Contact us through our contact page for more information.

We are so confident that you will enjoy the Vivian’s line of products that we offer a money back guarantee on taste and performance.

Yes. Use ½ cup of mix in 1 ¼ C of water to reproduce a can of soup in a recipe. These proportions may need to be adjusted slightly for individual recipes, but you control the thickness of the soup by adding more mix or water.

We use only dairy flavors that are derived from sources other than milk, yet still taste like milk, butter and cheese.

Yes, but there are a few things that will ensure success. Follow package directions closely. Use cool water and measure oil carefully. Make sure you whip it with an electric hand mixer or stand mixer with wire beaters. A blender or immersion blender will not aerate the mix properly.

Yes, on select products. We offer a sample pack of our soups and sauces for only the cost for production and shipping. We do not offer samples on our whipped topping or puddings at this time.

Yes! Send us your gluten, dairy or other allergen free cooking problems and we will answer it. We love the challenge of figuring out ways to make cooking easier and the food more delicious for you. Our mission is to bring people and families together around food.