The Gluten Free Pantry


The Gluten Free Pantry: How to Save Time, Money, and Effort in the Kitchen is for anyone who has ever been frustrated by trying to cook gluten free.


For beginners there are sections on how to find resources, understanding food labels, and shopping and eating strategies. All who cook gluten free will appreciate sections on basic gluten-free nutrition, how to convert recipes to gluten free, strategies to make cooking from scratch convenient, and principles to take the mystery out of gluten-free baking and troubleshooting guides.

For the more adventurous baker, there is information to help create custom gluten-free flour blends including whole-grain flours. There is even a section on what to include in gluten-free home food storage plans for those seeking a prepared lifestyle or prepping for emergencies.

The final chapter of the book is a recipe section including breakfasts, salads, side dishes, soups, main dishes, desserts & snacks, breads, and homemade gluten-free baking mixes.

In this book, you will learn not only how to stop feeling like a failure in your own kitchen, but also many important skills that make your gluten-free diet easier, more convenient, and cheaper!

Here is a sampling of the things you will gain from the book:

  • How to read food labels to spot gluten
  • Shopping strategies to pay less for gluten free foods and ingredients
  • How to convert recipes you love to gluten free
  • Ways to avoid common gluten-free baking mistakes
  • How to make home cooking more convenient
  • Improving your diet to add nutrients commonly missing in GF diets
  • How to start gluten free home food storage

Plus you’ll get a great recipe collection which includes recipes for delicious bread and make-at-home mixes for cakes, cream soups, pancakes and more!


About The Author

Laura Huffman began her gluten-free journey in an effort to help gluten and dairy free friends feel included at church functions with food. She discovered a natural aptitude for converting recipes into gluten-free versions and started a gluten and dairy free mix business called Vivian’s Live Again in 2011. Even with her natural abilities, she recognized she needed more science to truly have the power she wanted to create gluten-free foods and joined the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). Through utilizing resources available through IFT and her years of experimentation, she learned principles to empower every gluten free cook and loves sharing these principles with others. The Gluten Free Pantry: How to Save Time, Money and Effort in the Kitchen was written in an easy to use form so that anyone can apply the ideas she shares. Laura can be contacted through this website.

Book Details:

  • Publisher: Wheat Free Nutrition LLC (April 27, 2024)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 284 pages


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